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What is a "permanent bracelet"? 

We custom fit the 14k Gold-Filled chain to your wrist & use a simple, painless process to weld it shut, making it stay on forever (or as long as your want!). The bracelet does not have a clasp which is what makes it permanently stay on. 

How do I remove my bracelet? 

To remove your bracelet you simply cut the chain at home with scissors. 

Can I take my permanent bracelet through airport security? 

Yes, you can take your bracelet through airport security! TSA does not require you to remove jewelry.

Do you accept walk-ins? 

Yes, we currently accept walk-ins. Please check our appointment availability prior to walking in to ensure there is availability. 

Do you attend private events? 

Yes, we love to provide a unique, bonding experience at your events! Our team travels around Los Angeles to bring the vibrations to you!

Please contact us directly to book your private event.